Monday, December 23, 2013

Temple Street, Malleshwaram

When i was searching for places to roam around in bangalore, did not find any good places within 70 kms. Places like
  •  Lal bagh
  • Vidhanasoudha, High Court
  •  Bangalore Palace
  •  HAL Heritage Musuem
  • Vishweshwarayya Musuem
  • Nehru Planetorium
  •  Bannerghatta National Park
were already covered.Then, suddenly somewhere in the middle, saw the name of a 17th century temple from which malleshwaram got its name. Yes it is Kaadu Malleswara Temple in malleshwaram. Then decided to go there only.

By any chance, if you wanna go to this place by BMTC bus, then you can go to platform#22 and get ticket to Stop 15.Name seems strange . But it is. It is in 15th cross of Malleshwaram

View of Kaadu malleshwara temple from Temple street
Kaadu malleshwara or Kaadu mallikarjuna temple was built in 17th Century. Apart from Kaadu mallikarjuna god, it also has chandikeshwara(Shiva who should be prayed with Claps), Kaala bhirava, hanuma, shakti ganapati, arunachaleshwara(Shiva , the god of region Arunachala), Parvati, Kashi vishwanatha(Shiva, the protector of Kashi), Prasanna maha ganapati, Bramarambha and Mahavishnu.

Normally shiva temples will be having Shiva and his family like Ganesha, Parvati, and parivar like Nandi, Kaala bhirava etc. But its rare to see Vishnu in the same temple. But it is here. But compared to Bhramarambha, and Ganesha which are in two sides of Kaadu malleshwara, Vishnu at the corner seems very simple...

You can also See many small wooden chariots which will be used during car festival(Ratha Yatra) near the temple. There are some Big chariots also outside(coming next). When you descend the steps near wooden chariots you will get a park and Nagara bana

Small chariots near Kaadu malleshwara temple
Small chariots near kaadu malleshwara temple
Varaaha carrying Brahma

Nagara bana in Kaadu malleshwara temple

After visiting Kaadumalleshwara temple, you can see Sai bhavana at the left of it.
Sai bhavana

Or you can go in the 15th cross road down or come in the stpes near Nagarabana to the other temples in Templestreet.

There are many temples like
  • Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple
  • Nandi Teertha
  • Gangamma temple
  • Sri Raghavendra Sannidhi
  • Venugopala swamy temple( A bit away. Is in 11th cross. Not in 15th cross where rest all are)
  • Ishwara temple(Easy to find. It is near flower market before 15th cross)

Lakshmi Narasimha temple
VenuGopala Swamy

Sri Raghavendra Sanniddi

You can also find Siddashrama, many ayurvedic centres and lots of hospitals on the way.
So, it can also be called as health street of bangaluru  as well as Temple street of bangaluru

Timings : During Dhanur Maasa(Current month) most of the temples will be open from 5AM to 10 PM. otherwise wil be open till 11:30.So, its better to go early..

Places Nearby:
  • Mantri Square


  1. Did you go inside Dakshina mukha nandi teertha temple?. It is good one with a pond containing Tortoises and fishes.!

    1. NO . It was closed by the time we went there :-( We were not knowing that it will be closed at 10 AM only due to Dhanurmaasa :-( :-( Have to see it some other time..