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Places to See in Monterrey, Mexico : History

Since last 10 months of my stay in Monterrey, i have tried to explore in and out of it and enjoy various colours of it. Whenever some new friends come here, they often ask me about the places to explore in an afternoon or a period of one or two days. Monterrey is a place of mountains and filled up musuems like some other mexican cities and what you want to see depends on your area of interest.
As the list in Google/trip advisor somehow does not give the actual picture of the worthy places to visit, thought of making my own list based on the areas of interest. We have a site which provides some interesting info. But the info in it very limited. So,Hopefully this page can help the friends who are already in monterrey and yet to see them and also to those who are planning to come here in future.

What is your area of interest ? Click on the relavant section to explore the places in Monterrey which matches that interest. I have included the overall ranking(according to me) as well so that you can decide which one to prioritize if you have multiple places to visit

Trekking / Hiking / Mountainairing (would be updated by 1st of May)
Rock Climbing: (Coming soon..)
Night life: (coming soon..)
Caves: (coming soon..)
Trail Running: (coming soon..)
Other places of Interest:(coming soon...)

Let's get started with history. If you don't like history, please click the relevant sections above to navigate there directly

Monterrey has 3 famous , must visit musuems, although it has plenty of them which can be ignored :-)

#1:  Museo De historia Mexicana/ Musuem of Mexican History Downtown: 
If you are in Monterrey, don't forget to visit this Musuem. Make note to visit this Musuem and others which are about to come next on Sunday as entry is free on Sunday. It is open from morning 10:00 AM till 08:00 PM. It also has various themes like Michal Angelo show where a whole hall would be dedicated to the works of Michael Angelo. These themes would be there for a period of 2 to 3 months and would be replaced by theme of another artist. It also has a large section of comics from various  Latin American countries and few interesting collections from other parts of the world like Japan as well. You would definetely need 2-3 hours to explore this museum completely and may need some more time. Only water bottles are not allowed inside. Cameras are allowed and you can take pictures without flash and no extra charges for that.

#5: Museo del Palacio Universum / Palacio De Gobierno  / Government Palace Musuem, Downtown:
Once you come out of Mexican history musuem, you would see another Musuem infront of you at a distance of approx 300 meters. This building is considered one of the National Monuments by INAH
That one is a must visit place as well which was built in 1908 by the Governor of the state General Bernardo Reyes. It has made into the top ten because of it royal architecture and collections. Entry is free here as well on sundays and days like Day of the dead when some exhibitions are held inside. Point to note here is it closes by 06:00 PM everyday except the exceptions like day of the dead or some others where it would be open till late night for some evening events. So, you can visit this first before heading to History Musuem as that would be open for some more time .

#8: Hasta Bandera and Museo De Obispado: 
If you are roaming around in Monterrey, you would see a tall Mexican flag for 15 days of the month and a bare flag post for remaining days :-) So, ever wondered what is that ? Its known as Hasta Bandera and must visit place as well. Once you arrive in Hasta Bandera which is in a place by name Obispado, head on to the Museo De Obispado as it closes by 05:30 PM. You would need around 1 hour to see this musuem as it has various weapons used during the mexican wars and artifacts used by prehispanic(before the invention of spain into mexico) cultures. It has entry fee of 50 Pesos her head which i found worthy. it has collection of various versions of mexican flags till its current form and life size portraits, statues of various Mexican presidents, military leaders. Once you are done with that, you can walk towards the top of the hill i.e  Hasta bandera

If you want to come to Hasta Bandera directly, then it is advisable to visit here in the evenings as you can enjoy the views of the city along with pleasant winds.

#10: Museo Del Acero/ Alumininum Factory Fundidora: 
There used to be a aluminium factory in fundidora earlier which is turned out into a musuem now. You can visit this in your day at Fundidora Park as the last place before exiting Fundidora. Entry fee is around 40 pesos and some more pesos(around 100 ) to take a ride to the top of the factory from where you can enjoy the views of Fundidora. It is good for kids although anyone can enjoy seeing the various process of making metals, alloys of iron, metallurgical process etc. There are shows like movement of earth which lasts for 20 minutes. But they are not very frequent(every 2 hours or so). So, you better enquire about the show timings once you enter the musuem to make sure that you plan your rides accordingly in it and can cover everything . There would be long queues to take the ride to the top of factory as that is one of the major attractions here.

#11: Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MARCO)/Musuem of Cotemporary Art: 
It is a modern Art Musuem and would not rank it in top 10 because of 2 reasons.
A. Bit high entry fee of 90 pesos per head which is not justifiable unless you are a modern art fan
B. Everyone might not enjoy seeing modern art :-)
But it is still in top 15 because of its rich collection. It has paintings and works of artists from various parts of the world who came to mexico and got in touch with Mexican art collectors. Its in downtown as well and you can include that in your musuem day when you plan to visit all musuems in downtown. Probably you can start with this ==> Palace Musuem ==> Mexican history Musuem(as i did) to cover all of them in single day as it closes by 6 PM as well

Wondering on where are the remaining numbers ? They would be covered in next sections, You can navigate through other sections to know more...

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