Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An effort to request more normal buses on the ITPL road

People staying in the stretch from Marathalli to ITPL often say that the road is flooded with Volves and we rarely see any normal buses. Apart from always complaining the government, have we thought of something to change it ? Here is a man who is trying something to change it. Mr Naveen Kumar who hails from IT field observed that not only IT geeks but also lot of common people and plenty of poor need to travel in this way for the hospitals like Saibaba hospital. AC buses are not affordable to them. So, first he tried to get in touch with MD of BMTC to request more normal buses in this way. As he could not meet the MD, he started writing post cards daily, which is on since last 30 days. He also filed RTI to gain info of how BMTC is planning number of vovlos and normal buses for a particular way. He says there is no scientific survey or study which has been done behind this. Finally he got a reply to one of his letters that It is based on public demand. Hence he has started the signature collection campaign for this. So he wants to gather the public interest and meet the transport minister itself if the efforts to meet BMTC MD does not succeed. But how ?  This guy daily boards any normal bus from BEML layout to his Mercedez Benz office in ITPL and interacts with people about his efforts and requests them to support by signing the form. As of today morning he has collected over 944 signatures and he aims to collect as many signatures as possible before he meets the transport ministers.

He has already consulted one lawyer and RTI activist who is supporting in these endeavors and hoping to see a better tomorrow. Although i could not get his contact number and other details of how to reach him, can definitely say that you have good chances of meeting this guy if you are travelling in a normal bus which crosses the Graphite India signal around 8:30 Am in the morning. Anyhow have given his photo, name and other details. So, the interested people can definitely come forward. People want to get publicity for numerous reasons. But here is a guy who is silently working without expecting least means of publicity. Hope he gets more and more signatures in the days to come and succeed in his efforts. All the Best Naveen.

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