Thursday, November 9, 2017

Parque La Huasteca,Monterrey

When i was googling for places near Monterrey, La Hausteca appeared multiple times. But i used to ignore it multiple times as many people had written about the Rock climbing activities here. One of my friend who had been there was there for rock climbing as well. So, i was somehow postponing the rockclimbing option there as i am not a professional or hobbyist in rockclimbing. But somehow, got an update that we can go there for running or cycling as well for a stretch of 16km. Although i had done a 16km trail run in Grutas de Garcia before, i was bit hesitant to go by running as it was 16KM one side in Huasteca and i was not fully confident about completing 32 KM in a single shot. So, thought of going by Cycle . When i asked my friends about this, Sudheendra and Aman agreed for it. So, W trio, went ahead to explore La Huasteca

Where is La Huasteca and how to reach there ? 
It is situated next to Santa Catarina and you can visit it during any part of the day.  You have bus no 126 travelling between Downtown to La Huasteca every 20 minutes. You can get Uber/Green/Yellow taxis to this place as well.

There are no entry tickets as it is a open road . People generally come here in morning to evening and few people visit here in night as well to enjoy the views of the clear moon unaffected by citylights. There are some party houses or mini resorts as well across the road and you can jump in if you want to explore :-)

Once you reach there, its better to take Cycles to visit the place and i personally liked the feel of going in cycle . We went in a van second time. But i did not like and could not enjoy the views of surrounding climate although the van was going slow.  

Cycles you get for rent in the entrance of La Huasteca
Rent of the cycles: 
It is 200 as initial deposit which covers first 2 hours. You need to pay an extra 50 pesos per hour after 2 hours
You need to deposit your INM card or any ID proof document here as guarantee before taking cycles. So, don't forget to take any ID card while going here. If you are going in a group, one ID card from any member of the group is fine
They accept both cash and credit/debit cards

Views change here in every 300-500 meters and you see varieties of landscapes. 

You would see many boards like this. But don't worry about it too much unless you want to visit those resorts. The end point of your cycling path is a dam which we would see later. So, you can safely head straight unless you see the dam

As i said, views would change

In a quite surprising manner

what you have seen while going might not be there while you are coming back :-)

They provide best quality of cycles here which have 8 gears for the front and 3 for the back wheel. You can adjust the seats to your height
There are steps to climb till the top of the Dam

Once you climb till the top, you have a tunnel to go in. That is pitch dark and you can walk further if you have a torch or mobile light. You would also get metal ladder to go to the top of Dam. But those Ladders are bit scary and i don't recommend taking them

view while climbing up

However, if you are interested, you can walk across the tunnel for approx 1.5 minutes to reach the other end of the Dam and view is Damm good from there.
View from other side of the tunnel of the dam

There are steps to get down from there. But if you get down from there, you need to do bit of circus in the Rocks like this to reach the cycling path as you don't have steps till the end.

Time to travel back

I have seen people hiking for these steep mountains as well. But not sure about which trekking group takes them here :-)
Will catch up soon with the details about next destination to visit near Monterrey. Keep an eye for more surprises :-)

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