Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is best really the best ?

When I hear people use words like "Best Friend", "Best Teacher", "Best Book" etc .. I wonder whether best is really the best? Even u may also wonder why I am wondering about it. But may understand it after reading this. Whenever we feel extremely happy at any moment we may say this is the "Best" moment in life. We can even extrend itr by saying that its the "Best" day in my life.. But if on the same day if some thing(s)

won't go in the way we expected, then we may say it is the worst day of my come a day become both Best and worst at the same time? ..

That may be a ambigous question. The future is uncertain. By saying this, I don't mean that we must not enjoy the beautiful moments of present and keep on thinking, planning for the difficulties of future. I am also of the openion
of enjoying the present rather than worrieng about past and fearuing about feature. But what I meant to say is we must not limit ourselves in the achievements/failures of the present. Being awared as "best student" should not mean that he/she can do whatever wrong things from next day.Being the Best runner in a tourney need not mean
that he can be world champion always. It It is only judgement for that moment. A student who is not awarded best may have some better qualities in some other fields. An athlete who won in 200 meters may not be the best sprinter
of 100 meter in the same tourney. So, can we say that Best depends on reactions under circumstances and what we see, hear, know , understand. There may be plenty of things being the "Best" out of these.

Of course all the things in world are relative to some other things, nothing is absolute. After being titled as the "Best Sprinter" , "Fastest man on the earth", Mr Usen Bolt was asked a question about his achievement. He said that his aim was to reach 100 meters in 9.5 seconds. He couldn't achieve this time. Wil try that next time..When a famous painter was asked "which is your Best painting? " . He said "My Next One.." . What we can observe from this is they are no limiting themselves in the success of present. Of course, we need to enjoy it.But should not limit ourselves. Having one friend as "Best" from childhood should not limit ourselves from making, trusting new friends. Who knows, the new friend may grow so close, may understand you in various situations better than your "Best Friend" . . Of course your "Best" Friend also made you give next priority to your previous best and that person too..It continues and must continue. Right? It may apply in many fields of life. Why should 1 think that "I am not best dancer, not best speaker, not best painter.. " etc and stop limiting him from adventuring? Unless you are dare enough and try enough to talk infront of best orater of that time, how can u learn? how can u become Best orator? If u are satisfied with a single book as "Best Book" and wont chnage that mind set, how can enjoy other flavours? Why should we limit ourselves with our narrow mindset..

I am not meaning that those who are at the top, called as "Best" are simply there. Miracles won't happen at night.They/those are there because of their caliber, efforts , qualities in them (it). But it should not mean that, it is permanent.
they are wonderful performers in theier field. But not the best.What I mean is we can always achive in life towards our goal, We can achieve it better than those who were known as Best. Nobody might have guessed that a young man from India, Vishwanathan Anand could ever beat the Best player of a time Garry Kasparov. Its his efforts and determination made him achieve this. Suppose, Anand thought that, he is not at all equal to Best players in chess prior to learning chess itself, then ? .. One more thing is , Why should we compare ourselves with others and feel
bad. It may be better to compare with others to achieve more, get inspiration. But, why should we compare with those known as "Best" and feel bad? Every child is best to his mom. Every Dad is great to his young kid.
So, why compare? Sky is the limit. Compare with yourseleves. If I got 8 this time not nine, compare with yourself.
not with the "Best" who got 9.25 in your class. .There may be other person getting '9.5" in other class.. And who
knows you may get "10" next time, if you keep on trying..

So, After reading this long writing,what you felt? Should we call things as best? or can we call them as "good for the
moment" and enjoy the comapny of it and be open hearted to welcome and compare with things being better that?
Nothing is absolute over the journey of time and over journey of time.. Isn't it?


  1. sakath iddu....accr to my opinion best only refers to best in some area for some moment...its not permanent...

  2. Thanks Adi.. ಅಭಿಪ್ರಾಯ ಸಾಮ್ಯತೆ ಅವ್ರು ಸಿಕ್ದಾಗ ಖುಷಿ ಆಗ್ತು