Wednesday, December 21, 2011

God sees u

Some believe the existence of God and call him by different names. Some believe god is not outside , he is inside ourselves. Some consider many eternal forces which bind us together call it gravity, oxygen , air, water or any other thing as god. Some doesn't believe in any such things considering man as the creator of his own destiny. Title may seem hurting the feelings of atheits. But actually it doesn't. In fact , it has nothing to do with them. Wondering how ? Read below.

Some time back, i was in the sports city of the country.. ya, some got it correct, its meerut. As the name indicates sports goods are cheap there. Its also known as place where Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 started. Coming back to the title topic, I was visiting that city and decided to visit the Dogra temple there. Its good temple and built and maintained by Army people. Before moving further a salute to their contribution and sacrifices to the nation. Outside there was a board hanging that photography is prohibited. But I had purchased the mobile with the cam recently and may be in that enthusiasm didn't read that board properly. When we entered the temple premises, there were no one to check for people taking photos etc(as i thought). some workers were busy in their work and 2 officers(i think so ) were supervising their work .But they were in their track suit. I looked all sides and when i was about to capture a photo a man appeared from nowhere seizing my mobile !!!. He was shouting wat I was doing. I tried to convince him that we are not taking the picture but actually viewing  a message which just came in. But he didn't agree. And finally I succeeded to convince him that i would delete all the photos( didn't take photos of that temple yet, though) taken on that eve and to swith off my mobile til i exit from the temple. Finally he agreed. Thank God, I was saved by a wisker. Inner Instinct was always warning me about that wrong intenntion.  Can call it god or simply instinct, someone was watching and warning from inside .. That was for sure.  

Next Incident happened recently. I visited Jaganmohana Palace or Art Gallery in Mysore. There in the entrance guard asked whether i have bought camera. I said no, as actually i was not having any digital or photograpic film cam. My instinct always urged me to ask whether i can take snaps from the cell or not. But somehow i suppressed that feeling. It also kept me warning. If i take snaps from there and upload it in any social site, it can reach any wrong hand where it may be mis used. But urge of taking a snap couldn't be controlled when i saw a french Clock. It was having soldiers, drummer etc. Drummer rises hand for each second, soldiers make movement for each 3/4 minute. They amrch for every 3/4 hour. etc was the setting. But there was some kind of luminicence on it. So when i pulled out my mobile to take a snap again a guard from no where appeared and seixed my cell. May be he would have used harsh words, but I apolyzed that I didn't saw the board for non use of mobiles(which was in entrance top left corner, saying that guard said only about camera). He told to delete the photo/s I had taken earlier. How come ? that statue was only 5-6 image i saw in that gallery and was the first where i dared to take cel out in an attempt to capture. I recieved the cell from them and deleted the attempt i made. and switched off the cell and deposited in the safety counter there and went on to see rest of the gallery. Again I made mistake thinking that no one is watching me as i could not see any CC tv camera overhead . how stupid :D

I really enjoyed the musuem. Asked about many things i didn't understand from the guards. Wished i had a pen and paper before visiting the musuem. But later recalled that Eyes are the best camera ever and mind is the best storage. And there is always some one who is watching you. call it conciousness or instinct or God or whatever apart from physical things around you.  Later when i came out, I asked some querries to the person(may be incharge) at the counter which could not be answered by guards inside. He happily answered the question and by the time may be relieved that actually my attempt was by stupidity rather than intensional. Still asked how many photos u have taken sir ? Dramatic change from singular tone to respectful one surprised me. Still, that may be because i started to respect the instinct. Ofcourse, respect is give and take policy right ? I said the actual thing what happened and said i can show him the entire folder where recent images are stored after captured. He said thats not necessary and smilingly wished me happy journey.

Next I went to See famous mysore palace. There was also a board for prohibition of photography from inside. I asked the police men "can i take the cel inside or not". He said, u can take and use it. But instinct said its not right to expose the hidden things to unintiated ones(as said in Dan Brown's novel "Lost Symbol" ). So I switched off the cell. In the checking counter again they were asking whether i had camera. I said no. If i had, then i had to deposit in the free counters before i enter. Some said they don't have and somehow escaped. I wondered how high school girls can bring such digi cams inside. They were capturing the photos , some guys from the mobile cams. I thought , they are not using social sites as of now, thank god. Some rich fellows were taking snaps from their high end cells, even foreigners are not left behind taking snaps infront of police men itself (although they had deposited theier digi cam obeying the rules, now taking the snaps using high end cells/smart phones. Whats the difference ? !!)

I again wondered is there no one watching? My instinct refused to take snaps saying its not right. In the dilema i entered each room capturing as much i can not in my camera, but my eyes and mind :-) . It so happened that in one room, suddenly a police rushed from outside and took cameras of the couple who were taking snaps infront of me. They were arguing they didn't take. But bringing cam inside itself was wrong. There was heating debate going  on between them to delete the photos etc. I didn't bother to listen that and moved ahead happy to realise that someone is always watching.

Later that night i watched a kannada play called "Bedara Kannappa" . There comes a character of a priest who thinks god is simply a stone and no one wathches the wrong things he does. But his son kashi believes god is every where and wathches all things. There is similar story of a Guru and his Deciples. The story goes as below. Once the guru gave his deciples one banana each and told them to eat in the place where nobody sees. one eat that behind the door. Other ate that in the black shadows , one more ate that in the darkest of the rooms. But one deciples returned with banana in hand. On being asked by the guru, why is that so, he said, "Oh, Dear Guru, I found the god watching me in all places i went. So even if no one is wathcing me , god is watching me. So I couldn't eat it. " . Faces of all other deciples went down in shame and this deciple has won the test of Guru. There may be plenty of tales like this. Before i finish I want tojustify the title saying that God is always seeing you. U call it God, instinct, Conciousness whaterever .. there is surely some one who will be watching you in your both good,bad acts. But ears must be opened to hear that inner voice and act accordingly.