Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some Things I hate with email providers


Here some spams or offer mails are marked with red colour. But they arrive directly to your Inbox! instead of going to Junk Mail Folder. Of course Junk mail folder is having plenty of spams which are ones which are marked spams by u. only relief is they provide option for blocking a sender along with selecting that kind of mail as spam.

No Indication of spams
Plenty of fake mails like UK lottery, UNO money,Microsoft offer, Mail from Africa etc arrive frequently asking for information like Credit Card details etc. I always wonder how these cheters get my rediff id?

Problem in recovering old mails
I had a picture mailed to my rediff ID somewhat 5 years ago. Have stored it there only in inbox. WIth curiocity i tried to retrive those files from rediffmail. I could search/reach that file. But when i tried to open the file I was getting "Our Servers are facing problems in retrieving mail. Please try again later". Tried at differrent times thrice later. But same thing happened. So I gave up that effort

Mobile Version(Rediffmail NG)
These are the problems with using the using mobile
1)When u type instead of getting a place for entering mail id n password it takes to screen. Have to Select mail option again there. If 1 wanted to select he/she would have typed itself directly. What's the  purpose in typing and again selecting mail option which redirects to other screen ?
2) Sometimes it shows "You have no mails to show or Inbox is Empty" !!! You have to come back and visit that page again sometimes until it shows the mails in your Inbox.. I am not saying it happens always. But happens ..

Absence of Select All Option while Deleting
Gmail shows 50 emails by default in its inbox at once. But when u are added to any group in social sites like fb and it has settings enabled for sending you messages whenever any user posts in that group.. It so happened that my crated a new gmail id and soon she was added to one such group in fb. She didn't check here mail for 2 months.. after that she was having 2000 mails from that group !!!

OMG. Then how to delete them? Gmail was not providing select all option. If it provided 50 messages could be deleted at once. That means selecting "select all and delete" 40 Times!. But its far better than selecting each one of 50 messages and then finally selecting Delete.. . .Horrible..

yahoo Group
Wanted to join yahoo Group. For that obviously u need to have a yahoo id. But somewhere got the option that 1 can use his gmail id.. then But email verification and password selection for that id etc are same as that of any sign up. Got Id and password. It said successful . After that went to that group agai using newly created ID. Then again it wont allows to join saying that u have to create a user name etc before coming. But that is created early by going to yahoo home.. .If there is problems like this Y they allow using gmail ?


  1. In Gmail, search for the specific keyword, make sure that the search results only in the mails which are to be deleted, then select all, and click Apply this to all files matching the criteria or something similar. Then delete.

    All mails get deleted instantaneously :-)

  2. Ofcourse, searching for a keyword lists all mails with that keyword in gmail. But still Select all option is not provided at the top. Only it is giving Delete, Report Spam. We have to manually mark all mails to be deleted and then select delete. Thank You :-)