Sunday, November 13, 2011

FB Trick

Seen Below lines and wondered how it works?
1. Copy these two lines :
2. Paste it as a comment.
3. Delete the "+" signs.
... 4. Enter. see the magic. =))

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Its a bit tricky.But easy.. :-)
1)Every fb page or group has an unique ID @the end.. See the picture in this page. ಪ್ರಶಸ್ತಿ"

"@[136188326411120:0]" -- Is the ID of a pge called "I Like"
"@[220576527993626:0]"-- Is the ID of a page called "My-Writings:

2) But the Problem is immediately as u write "@[136188326411120:0]" it will show "I Like" not "@[136188326411120:0]" .. So we insert a seperator + between "@" and the page id..

3) Immediately after you delete "+" and write remaining content, it will show that page.. u can use any seperator like "-" etc instead of plus

4) Its not magic, got it? now can I say "Like the page if you liked it" :-) :-)

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