Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some 'ex'es

There are plenty of 'ex'es around us. For example , I can start with plenty of excuses for not writing here. one of my ex-junior(Oops, I must not say so, as juniors will be always juniors with few exceptions, though) reminded to write about this.May be that 'star' was also not expecting  this exaggeration .But as they say all is well, looking into one's  ex-life can give lot of experiences to you if you are an optimist. Earlier I thought 'ex' is used to make opposites, in negative sense.Employee who lost a job or left a company used to be called as ex-employee, ex-servicemen etc what i observed might have made me think so. I even thought that full form of "etc" is exetra.. But quest for exactness made me to discover that it is "etcetera".

 Coming to ex-life we see many friends lost in their ex-days. Ex-Girl Friends,Ex Boy Friends,Ex-Wifes and other things which won't come back and  ruining their present.Sometime we start cursing ourselves, worry about answers we knew and not written in the exam after the exam.sometimes it may be about the ideas we gave to wrong hands which were not exalted. But never leave this 'ex'es occupy extra space than required in your life. Once a cricket commentator said, there is no expulsion for the title of a captian, he will  be always captian. Either it is vice-captain, captian, ex-captain. So is true with Honourable people like President,
Prime Minister whom we always remember and express thanks. Not to be excavated about it further.

Their should be extra bit of care while writing about person's late parents. writing 'late' is better. But some think father will be father always even after he dies.. so its not proper to write 'ex-father'. I am in a bit confusion about it either, if any one knows, could you please explain? Bit more info before I exit. Although our country earns money from exports , we must use Desi goods to help the growth of our economy and save the precious foreign exchange. I didnt expect it before. but now certainly happy that i can end it with 45 'ex' es and my fathers saying (who was an ex-servicemen). .Spelling example as 'ex.' is worong.Because example is short form of greek word example gratia(eg.) which means for example.. We can go on like this if we
start exchanging thoughts. But am exiting now friends, Take extra care. Gn