Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tricks for those who use mobile Internet for PC

Hello Friends,
I usually hear many friends complaining about mobile internet being deadly slow. Hello my dear friend, please don't compare mobile internet with Broad Band. But if i say it is possible to download movies, possible to group Chat in facebook using mobile internet, do u believe it ? I wil try to cover some of such tricks in this post.

1) Slow Speed of Connection

Although the speed of mobile internet can't be compared with that of broadband, it will be sufficient for general browsing, email , and believe me.. Even for taking online Exam !!!
But the fact is you have to choose proper service provider.

Generally Tata Docomo Internet is faster compared to all other GPRS 2G Internet providers as i have seen. U wil get around 25-30 Kbps max speed. It is the cheapest Internet plan you can get for a month. i.e 48 Rs per/month for 1 GB. But sometimes it wil get limited to 21 days. But 21 days is more than sufficient. Next plan is 2.5 GB/month @63 Rs. next is 4GB/month @95 Rs.There is 8GB plan also. but 4GB itself is more than enough :-) :-)

 But you may not get Docomo Network in all areas. Next in speed is Vodafone. Plan is also good in Docomo. You wil get 6 GB/month @98Rs. If you are in any village or any other area where you won't get above two networks, then go for BSNL.. I am not joking. 3rd in 2G speed is BSNL itself. Currently I am using BSNL GPRS internet itself :-) !! I used that itself to develop this blog :-)

I don't want to talk about other 2G GPRS providers Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Reliance. First thing is speed is slow and some hidden charges like only free for browsing, cost for downloading etc. Sometimes screen gets struck in some of those. Ofcourse you are lucky enough, You can get good service from those also .. but the chances are very rare & may be in only few areas. I saw many of my friends quitting those. So Told..   

2)Download Problem with mobile Internet

Another problem with mobile internet is that downloading. it will be around 10-15 kbps. Generally it will be sufficient to download e-mail attachment, attach files to email and send.. but not sufficient to download large PDFs, large Files, videos/Audios of larger size.  as the download speed is slow it will take long time. So connection will be timed out and you can't resume the download !!!!
What I am trying to say is that suppose you are downloading a PDF of size 17MB .it took around 10 or 15 minutes to download around 15 MB. Then you wil get error that connection is lost!!! alas.. what you downloaded is of no use now.. everthing is waste ..

So go for one of the Downloading softwares like Internet Download Manager(IDM). It has built in ad ons for You Tube Videos download etc. Installation is simple and no configuration as such.. Once u click download, that downloading task will be transferred to IDM. You can rest assured that downloading will be completed :-) !!!

I am not joking again..Many of the sites support resume capability. So u can pause your downloading task at any time and resume it later .. For any reasons like your mobile running out of battery or PC shutting down suddenly.. Downloading task will be paused automatically.:-) Cool na? It has also scheduling tasks like bit torrents, bit comets etc

3)Download Movies using Mobile Net
Sorry. I can't post that link and about Cracks in IDM here as it will be supporting piracy
These are some of the things I & my friend Shashi thought to post for the help of friends who are using mobile Internet for connecting to the PC and ask questions regarding that..

You and I must be thankful for my friend shashi who always shares info like this with me :-)

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  1. Gr8 info bro... Thanx alot... :) am a faithful BSNL costumer n i agree wid u abt their perfomence... actually u get quite a gd speed with BSNL 3G...